Why do cats lick each others butts

Many of them also contain breath fresheners. It is believed to be a way for them to comfort those they feel close to in moments when they are unwell. Basically, it's like a handshake for animals that don't have opposable thumbs. This is why, when it is very hot, they cannot rely on this small area of their body to regulate their temperature. For example, cats may groom themselves after eating to get rid of food remnants as well as the smell. Cats that start vigorously licking themselves may be seeking relief from a skin irritation, fleas, an insect bite or an infection.
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Why Do Cats Groom Each Other and Then Fight?

Grooming, or licking, is a typical action in cats. Licking is not only functional. Therefore, you should be gentle and avoid shouting or having some extreme reactions. There are times when a cat will lick another cat because they have noticed and existing health problem. After this period, they began to tend to lick fur each other as well as for the mother cat. If you have several cats at home, you may see they begin to groom each other, even when there is no obvious reason for it. Although it is possible, two cats that have it in for each other will rarely engage in social grooming.
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Why Do Cats Groom Each Other and Then Fight?

This article will give you some information about the licking habit of cats. Cats also lick each other to strengthen their ties within the same family. But why do cats lick each other before they fight? Write a comment.
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My cat won't stop licking my other cat's butt?

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Description: Normally, mother cats often clean their kittens by licking them. With the "multi-function" tongue, the mother cat licks its children's bum to stimulate urine hole and anus so that the kittens can pee and poop more easily. Cats pretend to spray…. Last updated Jan 08 , , AM. Sep 04 ,

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