Bottom of a black hole

The more massive the original star is, the more massive its subsequent remnant will be, at least until a certain point. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Your email only if you want to be contacted back. This heated matter is channeled into jet streams that hurtle through space, away from the hole at phenomenal velocities, usually just a tick below the speed of light. So, do we go back to the concept of black holes emitting preserved information and throwing it back out via a white hole? They may even be, as some have suggested, a path to another universe.
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Where Do Black Holes Lead?

According to Massey, tidal forces would reduce your body into strands of atoms or 'spaghettification', as it is also known and the object would eventually end up crushed at the singularity. Norton and Company, Hawking went as far as saying black holes may not even exist. This meant Hawking's idea was at odds with quantum theory, which says information can't be destroyed. This flew in the face of the no-hair theorem which was expressed by physicist John Archibald Wheeler and worked on the basis that two black holes would be indistinguishable to an observer because none of the special particle physics pseudo-charges would be conserved. This, however, violates Einstein's general theory of relativity.
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Where Do Black Holes Lead? | Space

Physics states information just becomes more difficult to find because, should it become lost, it becomes impossible to know the past or the future. You have already liked this page, you can only like it once! Step forward Hawking once more. Should this be the case, it would shed some light on a proposal by former Cambridge University cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who, in the s, explored the possibility that black holes emit particles and radiation — thermal heat — as a result of quantum fluctuations.
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Scientists get to the bottom of a ‘spitting’ black hole

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Description: Haggard claimed that "there is a classic metric satisfying the Einstein equations outside a finite space-time region where matter collapses into a black hole and then emerges from a while hole. Far from destroying the information that it absorbs, the collapse of a black hole would be halted. There would be no singularity, and while the apparent field would move inwards due to gravity, it would never reach the center and be consolidated within a dense mass. So, should you then find yourself at the event horizon — the point at which light and matter can only pass inward, as proposed by the German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild — there is no escape. In that sense, black holes lead nowhere because nothing could ever get inside.

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